Rushil Khurana

technologist | designer | the idea guy

Who is Rushil?

He is a PhD student of Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University with an emphasis on building new sensing technologies. His interests usually draw from fields like wearable computing, gestural interactions and human perception.

He values ideas and enjoys the process of idea curation and cultivation. If you have an interesting idea, get in touch. He would love to hear about it!


What He Does

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Selected projects with associated keywords are listed below.
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posture awareness system
wearable technology
CHI'14 design competition; top 3
user study

Julius - Posture Corrector

wearable technology
exercise assistant
posture correction garment
fiber optics


coming soon

Your co-worker is not a user

coming soon
accepted at CHI'16


SMS spam
mobile message box redesign
user centric solution
survey; user study


web based SMS
configure SMS research studies
usability analysis
published in MobiCASE'14