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Student+Misc Info

  • 4th year PhD student @ CMU-SCS
  • Enrolled with the CNBC training program in the joint Pitt/CMU Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition
  • For some Cortex code and Matlab routines to deal with Cortex data files, click here.
  • For code that computes expectations of maximum entropy for spiking neurons and finite data length, check out this code . The paper reference will be given upon journal acceptance.
  • Check out this animation of the transformation matrix learned using unsupervised info-max on artificial image data.
  • For details on the above, check out the paper we did for class. Working on additions and extensions.
  • Treasurer of the GSA.
  • The proposed budget for Fiscal 1999-2000.
  • The Constitution of Senate/GSA, which describes the processes for joint Senate/GSA funding meetings
  • Family photos
  • The archetypal antagonist
  • My bookmarks
  • Ex-Job Info

  • Grad student @ CMU, but here's what I used to do before that...
  • Programming and Research work for the Imaging Systems Lab, Robotics Department, Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Past projects: Optical Chinese and Hangul (Korean) Character recognition, Graphical Image Analysis, plus other small things, (including getting a real home page together)
  • Random info

    Some Source code

    If it is illegal to operate a Ponzi scheme, can we force the government via lawsuit to operate Social Security as a true trust fund, and not just another pyramid scheme? Better yet, can we force Congress through the courts to operate on a perpetual balanced budget? Worth looking into, seeing as how the balanced budget amendment looks like it will never pass. Isn't it about time this country elected a president who was a leader?

    Random pointers

  • Back door to CMU
  • CIA Server Cause you never know when you might need a spy...