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January 20


Biomimetic Robots: Applying Biological Principles to the Design and Operation of Legged Robots for Planetary Exploration

Dr. Mark Cutkosky

Stanford University

Metin Sitti


January 27

Perspectives on Autonomous Desert Driving

Mike Montemerlo

Stanford University

Drew Bagnell


February 3

Scalable Approaches to Deploying Swarms of Vehicles and Sensors

Vijay Kumar

University of Pennsylvania

Alonzo Kelly


February 7

Look Before You Book: Computer Science in the Airline Industry

Todd Williamson

ITA Software, Inc

Martial Hebert


February 10

Exploring the Deepest Depths: Development of a Hybrid Remotely Operated Vehicle for Oceanographic Operations to 11,000m Depth

Louis Whitcomb

Johns Hopkins University

Ralph Hollis


February 17

Identifying the Business Opportunity in your Research: Securing Alternative Funding Sources for R&D

Leo A. Keevican, Jr.

Adrienne Garber

Renaissance Partners



February 23

Space-Time Analysis and Manipulation of Behaviors in Video

Michal Irani

Weizmann Institute of Science

Alexei A. Efros


February 24

A Frequency Analysis of Light Transport

Fredo Durand


Doug James


March 3

New Horizons for Orthotic & Prosthetic Technology: Merging Body and Machine

Hugh Herr


Jessica Hodgins


March 10

Spring Break





March 17

Spring Break





March 24

Dynamic Models of Human Behavior

Zoran Popovic

University of Washington



March 24

Global Connection: National Geographic, Google Earth and Carnegie Mellon

Valerie May
Michael Jones
Randy Sargent

National Geographic
Google Earth
Carnegie Mellon University



March 31

Distributed Estimation and Control of Multi-Agent Systems

Kevin Lynch


Matt Mason


April 7

The V-unit as an Opportunity to Build a Vision: Case Studies from the Last Two Years

Bernardine Dias

Manuela Veloso

Carnegie Mellon University



April 14

Technology Transfer at Carnegie Mellon

Rob Conway

CMU Center for Technology Transfer



April 21

Spring Carnival





April 28

Making the Most of Minimalism in Distributed Manipulation

Jon Luntz

University of Michigan

Howie Choset


May 5

Broadcast Feedback for Muscle Actuators and Organic Robotics:
Biologically-Inspired Cellular Actuators Using Distributed Stochastic Control

Harry Asada


Metin Setti



General Information

Seminars are held every Friday in 1305 Newell-Simon Hall, unless otherwise noted on the calendar or abstract. Seminars begin at 3:30pm, and refreshments are served starting at 3:15pm. Feel free to arrive early to get the first shot at the cookies and talk to your colleagues; please try not to leave during a seminar in deference to the speaker.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with a speaker, please contact the speaker if they are from CMU, or their host, listed on the calendar, if they are from outside of the University.

Previous Seminars

Abstracts from earlier this semester, as well as Seminar calendars and abstracts back to the Fall of 1993 can be found in the Robotics Institute Seminar Archive.

Seminar Committee

For technical issues and final scheduling commitments, as well as opinions or suggestions on speakers and seminar topics, please contact Doug James by e-mail at, or by phone at (412) 268-5505.

Doug James, chair
Seth Koterba, electronic publicity
Ling Xu, real-world publicity

Janice Brochetti, speaker relations


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