The Monster Men

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

NOTE: This is a hypertext formatted version of the Project Gutenberg edition. This etext was typed by Judy Boss in Omaha, Nebraska, proofread by John Hamm <>, and hypertexted by Robert Stockton <>. For more information, read the small print or check out the full ascii text. This document is part of a small, but growing collection of html formatted etexts. (Others may be found in either my home page or John Ockerbloom's indexes by author and title.) I am still trying to figure out whether anyone else is interested in these on-line readable documents. If you appreciate this document or would like to see more such, send me mail at "".


1.The Rift
2.The Heavy Chest
3.Beauty and the Beast
4.A New Face
6.To Kill!
7.The Bull Whip
8.The Soul of Number 13
9.Into Savage Borneo
10.Desperate Chance
11."I am Coming!"
13.Buried Treasure
14.Man or Monster?
15.Too Late
16.Sing Speaks
17.999 Priscilla

Robert Stockton

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