Anne of Avonlea


Lucy Maud Montgomery

This book is the second in a set -- it is preceded by "Anne of Green Gables" (#1) and followed by "Anne of the Island" (#3), and "Anne's House of Dreams" (#5).

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                       my former teacher
                      HATTIE GORDON SMITH
                 in grateful remembrance of her
                    sympathy and encouragement

            Flowers spring to blossom where she walks
                    The careful ways of duty,
              Our hard, stiff lines of life with her
                  Are flowing curves of beauty.


IAn Irate Neighbor9
IISelling in Haste and Repenting at Leisure25
IIIMr. Harrison at Home35
IVDifferent Opinions47
VA Full-fledged Schoolma'am55
VIAll Sorts and Conditions of Men. . .and women66
VIIThe Pointing of Duty83
VIIIMarilla Adopts Twins92
IXA Question of Color107
XDavy in Search of a Sensation117
XIFacts and Fancies133
XIIA Jonah Day148
XIIIA Golden Picnic160
XIVA Danger Averted176
XVThe Beginning of Vacation194
XVIThe Substance of Things Hoped For207
XVIIA Chapter of Accidents218
XVIIIAn Adventure on the Tory Road235
XIXJust a Happy Day250
XXThe Way It Often Happens268
XXISweet Miss Lavendar280
XXIIOdds and Ends300
XXIIIMiss Lavendar's Romance308
XXIVA Prophet in His Own Country320
XXVAn Avonlea Scandal334
XXVIAround the Bend353
XXVIIAn Afternoon at the Stone House371
XXVIIIThe Prince Comes Back to the Enchanted Palace390
XXIXPoetry and Prose407
XXXA Wedding at the Stone House418

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