Lucy Maud Montgomery

This book is the third in a set -- it is preceded by "Anne of Green Gables" (#1) and "Anne of Avonlea" (#2), and followed by "Anne's House of Dreams" (#5).

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                 all the girls all over the world
                 who have "wanted more" about
                 All precious things discovered late
                 To those that seek them issue forth,
                 For Love in sequel works with Fate,
                 And draws the veil from hidden worth.

Table of Contents

IThe Shadow of Change9
IIGarlands of Autumn23
IIIGreeting and Farewell36
IVApril's Lady46
VLetters from Home67
VIIn the Park80
VIIHome Again91
VIIIAnne's First Proposal105
IXAn Unwelcome Lover and a Welcome Friend113
XPatty's Place126
XIThe Round of Life139
XII"Averil's Atonement"153
XIIIThe Way of Transgressors165
XIVThe Summons181
XVA Dream Turned Upside Down194
XVIAdjusted Relationships202
XVIIA Letter from Davy219
XVIIIMiss Josepine Remembers the Anne-girl225
XIXAn Interlude234
XXGilbert Speaks240
XXIRoses of Yesterday249
XXIISpring and Anne Return to Green Gables256
XXIIIPaul Cannot Find the Rock People263
XXIVEnter Jonas269
XXVEnter Prince Charming278
XXVIEnter Christine288
XXVIIMutual Confidences294
XXVIIIA June Evening303
XXIXDiana's Wedding311
XXXMrs. Skinner's Romance317
XXXIAnne to Philippa323
XXXIITea with Mrs. Douglas328
XXXIII"He Just Kept Coming and Coming"336
XXXIVJohn Douglas Speaks at Last342
XXXVThe Last Redmond Year Opens350
XXXVIThe Gardners' Call361
XXXVIIFull-fledged B.A.'s370
XXXVIIIFalse Dawn379
XXXIXDeals with Weddings388
XLA Book of Revelation400
XLILove Takes Up the Glass of Time407

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