David Renshaw

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Carnegie Mellon University
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As of July 2012, I now work at NREC. From 2009 to 2012, I was a PhD candidate under the supervision of Andre Platzer. In 2009, I graduated from Caltech with a B.S. in mathematics.


Yanni Kouskoulas, David Renshaw, Andre Platzer and Peter Kazanzides. Certifying the safe design of a virtual fixture control algorithm for a surgical robot. HSCC 2013.

Sarah M. Loos, David Renshaw and Andre Platzer. Formal verification of distributed aircraft controllers. HSCC 2013.

David W. Renshaw and Andre Platzer. Differential Invariants and Symbolic Integration for Distributed Hybrid Systems. Submitted. pdf revised tech report

David W. Renshaw, Sarah M. Loos, and Andre Platzer. Distributed Theorem Proving for Distributed Hybrid Systems. In Shengchao Qin and Zongyan Qiu, editors, International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods, ICFEM'11, Durham, United Kingdom, Proceedings, volume 6991 of LNCS. Springer, 2011. (c) Springer-Verlag. pdf

Cheng Yeaw Ku and David Renshaw. Erdos-Ko-Rado Theorems for Permutations and Set Partitions, Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A, 115 (2008), 1008-1020. pdf

David Renshaw and Cheng Yeaw Ku. Combinatorial Optimization over Maximal Intersecting Families of Subsets, Caltech Undergraduate Research Journal, Summer 2007, 12-16. pdf


In the fall semester of 2010, I was TA for 15-814 Types and Programming Languages.