Calendar / Courses

To request lab time for programs, competitions, etc., please contact the lab director Howie Choset, or one of the lab staff.


Current Courses

Spring Semester Courses

15-494 Cognitive Robotics
Instructor: David S. Touretzky

16-299: Introduction to Feedback Control Systems
Instructor: George Kantor

16-311: Introduction to Robotics
Instructor: Howie Choset

16-250: Gadgetry
Instructors: Tom Lauwers, Brian Kirby

Fall Semester Courses

16-862: Mobile Robot Programming Laboratory
Instructor: Alonzo Kelly

15-384/16-684 Robotic Manipulation
Instructor: George Kantor or Howie Choset

Summer Semester Courses

Andrew's Leap
Instructors: Steven Rudich and Matt Mason

Past Courses

15-491 Creating an Intelligent AIBO Robot
Manuella Veloso, and Paul Rybski

Robotic Art Studio
Instructor: Simone Jones

16-863 Advanced Mobile Robot Programming
Instructor: Illah Nourbakhsh

Instructors: Brian Fredrick and Vanessa Degennaro

16-899/60-429: Telepresence Art and Applications
Instructors: Garth Zeglin and Peter Coppin

16-869: Autonomous Multirobot Systems
Instructor: Tucker Balch

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