Pearl was always worried about us. The kids couldn't take showers during the rain, for fear of lightning; Whenever I traveled to California, she was sure that would be the day the big one would hit; We couldn't back out of the driveway without buckling our seatbelts, in case some tragedy would strike. I constantly teased her about her fears. But, I was wrong. My beloved wife Pearl has been snatched from our midst by an event so unexpected as to be beyond my comprehension.

Pearl was my love, my friend, mother of my children, the Ying to my Yang. We could always make each other laugh. But, while I was content to wear any old clothes or have any old furniture, she insisted upon elegance. While I saw the glass as half-empty, she was it as half-full. Her vitality and energy sustained us all. Her love and caring of me and our children was our lifeblood. Whether we were traveling to Paris, or lounging around the yard, life was an adventure to be lived to its fullest (as long as we were wearing helmets).

My regret is not for the past. While one could always do more, we did do many, many things as a family -- traveling, day trips, shul, theater, swimming, bowling (yes, Pearl bowls!) -- experiencing life in all its richness. My regret is for the future -- of trips not taken, of family simchas not experienced together, of not growing old in each other's company, and in the company of our children and grandchildren. The hole in my heart is as large as all of eternity. I grieve for the loss of my soulmate. And, now it is up to me to worry about my children for her.

Reid Simmons, devoted husband
August 23, 2002