The following was readby Rabbi Greenbaum at Pearlís funeral.



In Memory of Pearl, from her sister,Naomi†††††† ††††††††† ††††††††† August 23, 2002


A daughter is supposed to be a source of love, pride and delight.Sheís someone a parent guides in life forever.She should be a strong and loving support as parents grow old.Pearl was everything a daughter should be to our parents and more, but not for a long enough time.


A sister is someone who shares childhood memories, who offers love, advice and support.She shares in the joys and sorrows of life through old age.Pearl was a wonderful sister, one Daniel and I appreciated as a sister and as a person more and more as time passed.But we wonít all grow old together.


A wife is supposed to be a partner for life.The love and spirit at Pearl and Reidís wedding was present throughout their marriage.They shared romance and love, pride in each otherís accomplishments, and were equal partners in all aspects of their relationship.


A mother is someone who loves you unconditionally, who nurtures you physically, emotionally and intellectually from before your birth.There is nothing stronger in life than a parentís love for a child.Noah, Rachel, and Joshua were blessed with one of the best mothers I have ever known.I pray they feel her love with them throughout their lives.


My children will remember Pearl as their fun and whacky aunt.I will remember Pearl in so many ways, especially for her enthusiasm for lifeís joys, her ability to express herself so beautifully, and the extra special qualities she brought to her roles as daughter, sister, wife and mother, and every other close relationship she had with family and friends.


For those who will always love Pearl, there is a hole in our being now that she is gone.May her memory be a blessing to us as our lives continue.