Robert Frederking was interviewed by the BBC World Service for their 26 August 2002 broadcast, about the Tongues project (with the Zagreb, Croatia, experiment).

The radio broadcast (with pictures, oddly enough) can be found on the BBC website (See the 26 August 2002 entry.) You'll need RealAudio software to listen to it on the web. The Tongues story is in two segments, one starting about half-way into the show (at about the 17 minute mark), the other is "expert" commentary starting at about minute 25. (In between the two is a story about a Hindi synthesizer, also made with "stuff that has come out of Carnegie Mellon", i.e., Festival.)

There's also a longer BBC webpage story on Tongues as well.

The BBC interview is the result of a PC Magazine interview that Alan Black and Robert Frederking did earlier.

There was also a story in the New York Times on June 14, 2001.

The BBC interview led to a number of other radio interviews.