11-736 Seminar on Endangered Languages

Alan W Black, Robert Frederking, Lori Levin, Laura Tomokiyo

We are pleased to announce that we are again offering this graduate seminar in Fall 2011. The purpose of this seminar is to allow students to better understand the linguistic, social and political issues when working with language technologies for endangered languages. Often in LTI we concentrate on issues of modeling with small amounts of data, or designing optimal strategies for collecting data, but ignore many of wider practical issues that appear when working with endangered languages.

This seminar will consist of reading books and papers, and having participants give presentations; a few invited talks (e.g. from field linguists, and language advocates) will also be included. It will count for 6 units of LTI course credit. It may be possible for interested students to also carry out a related 6-unit project as a lab.

We will meet on Tuesdays, 3:00-4:20, in GHC5510.

Grade will be based on presentations and class participation.

You can still access the Fall 2010 details webpage.

Please contact AWB, LSL, LMT, or REF if interested, or if you have any questions.

Class dates and material covered:
08/30/2011Sem on ELs session 1.pptREF
09/06/2011Crystal bookAWB
09/13/2011IPA (text)LMT
09/20/2011Pila Wilson visit (HI)LMT
09/27/2011Elicitation of morphosyntaxLSL
10/04/2011Surprise language: BavarianLMT
10/11/2011IPA (audio)AWB
10/18/2011Project discussionAWB
11/1/2011Standardization issuesLSL
11/15/2011Student Project discussionAWB
11/22/2011Patrick Littell visit (BC)LSL
12/6/2011Student presentationsstudents
12/13/2011Student presentationsstudents