Preliminary Call for Papers
NAACL 2001 Workshop on Adaptation in Dialogue Systems

Co-chairs: Cindi Thompson, Tim Paek, and Eric Horvitz

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers investigating the application of learning and adaptation to dialogue systems, both speech and text based.

In this workshop we encourage papers on either theoretical or applied research in adaptation for dialogue, that includes learning procedures as well as decision making methods aimed at dynamically reconfiguring dialogue behavior based on the context. We would also like to explore techniques that allow a dialogue system to learn with experience or from data sets gathered from empirical studies. We welcome submissions from researchers supplementing the traditional development of dialogue systems with techniques from machine learning, statistical NLP, and decision theory.

We solicit papers from a number of research areas, including:

We also hope to include a session for the demonstration of working systems, as time permits. The demonstration sessions will be open to anyone who wishes to bring their adaptive conversational systems for demonstration to other members of the workshop. Presenters are asked to submit a paper that is specifically directed at a demonstration of their current systems.

A web site that will provide additional information on the workshop as it becomes available is located at:

For more information:
Please direct questions to Eric Horvitz (, Tim Paek (, or Cindi Thompson (