WordNet and Other Lexical Resources Workshop Program

09:00 09:15 Welcome and Introduction
09:15 10:15 KEYNOTE SPEECH: Prof. George Miller
Session I: Word Sense Disambiguation
10:45 - Invited Paper: Manual and Automatic Semantic Annotation with WordNet
Christiane Fellbaum, Martha Palmer, Hoa Trang Dang, Lauren Delfs and Susanne Wolf
- - Word Sense Disambiguation with an Integrated Lexical Resource
Oi Yee Kwong
- - Word Sense Disambiguation in Roget's Thesaurus Using WordNet
Vivi Nastase and Stan Szpakowicz
- 12:15 Enriching WordNet Concepts with Topic Signatures
Eneko Agirre, Olatz Ansa, David Martinez and Eduard Hovy
12:15 02:30 LUNCH
Session II: Semantic Relations and Their Applications
02:30 - Semantic Distance in WordNet: An Experimental, Application-Oriented Evaluation of Five Measures
Alexander Butanitsky and Graeme Hirst
- - Automatic Generation of a Coarse Grained WordNet
Rada Mihalcea and Dan I. Moldovan
- - Synonymy in Collocation Extraction
Darren Pearce
- 04:00 Building a Lexical Knowledge-Base of Near-Synonym Differences
Diana Zaiu Inkpen and Graeme Hirst
04:00 04:30 BREAK
Session III: Frame Representations
04:30 - On Mending a Torn Dress: The Frame Problem and WordNet
Sandiway Fong
- - Frame Semantics for Text Understanding
Charles J. Fillmore and Collin F. Baker
- 05:30 Extracting Dependency Frames from Existing Lexical Resources
Gosse Bouma

Session IV: Resource Integration
09:00 - Lexical Resource Integration across the Syntax-Semantics Interface
Rebecca Green, Lisa Pearl, Bonnie J. Dorr and Philip Resnik
- - Comparing Terms, Concepts and Semantic Classes in WordNet and the Unified Medical Language System
Anita Burgun and Olivier Bodenreider
- - A Complete WN1.5 to WN1.6 Mapping
J. Daudé, L. Padró and G. Rigau
- 10:15 Alignment of Ontologies: WordNet and Goi-Taikei
Naoki Asanoma
10:15 10:45 BREAK
Session V: WordNet Extensions
10:45 - eXtended WordNet: Progress Report
Rada Mihalcea and Dan I. Moldovan
- - WordNet Enrichment with Classification Systems
Andrés Montoyo, Manuel Palomar and German Rigau
- 12:00 Enriching WordNet with Qualia Information
Sara Mendes and Rui Pedro Chaves
12:00 02:30 LUNCH
Session VI: Multilanguage WordNets
02:30 - Monolingual and Bilingual Dictionary Approaches to the Enrichment of the Spanish WordNet with Adjectives
Irina Chugur, Anselmo Peñas, Julio Gonzalo and Felisa Verdejo
- - Ranking and Selecting Synsets by Domain Relevance
Paul Buitelaar and Bogdan Sacaleanu
- - Extending, Trimming and Fusing WordNet for Technical Documents
Piek Vossen
- 04:00 Using WordNet to Improve User Modelling in a Web Document Recommender System
Bernardo Magnini and Carlo Strapparava
04:00 04:30 BREAK
Session VII: WordNet Applications
04:30 - The Informative Role of WordNet in Open-Domain Question Answering
Marius Pasca and Sanda M. Harabagiu
- - Using Lexical Knowledge to Evaluate the Novelty of Rules Mined from Text
Sugato Basu, Raymond J. Mooney, Krupakar Pasupuleti and Joydeep Ghosh
- - Event Tracking Using WordNet Meronyms
Yoshimi Suzuki, Fumiyon Fukumoto and Yoshihiro Sekiguchi
- 06:00 Learning Lexical Representation for Text Categorization
Fumiyo Fukumoto and Yoshimi Suzuki

Poster session
- - Integrating WordNet with NL-Soar
Deryle Lonsdale and C. Anton Rytting
- - Customizing GermaNet for the Use in Deep Linguistic Processing
Melanie Siegel, Feiyu Xu and Günter Neumann
- - Using Data Integration Techniques in a Federation of Heterogeneous Lexical Databases
X. Artola and A. Soroa
- - Fully Automatic Bilingual Lexical Acquisition from EuroWordNet
Davide Turcato, Dan Fass, Gordon Tisher and Fred Popowich
- - Toward a Hungarian WordNet
Gábor Prószéky, Márton Miháltz and Dániel Nagy
- - ItalWordNet: extending and exploiting an existing resource for computational tasks
Ornella Corazzari, Antonietta Alonge, Francesca Bertagna, Nicoletta Calzolari and Adriana Roventini
- - Creating a Knowledge Base from partially structured encyclopedia information
David Trotzig
- - Semantic tests and supporting tools for the Greek WordNet
Eleni Galiotou, Giannoula Giannoulopoulou, Maria Grigoriadou, Angela Ralli, Christopher Brewster, Arjiris Arhakis, Evangelos Papakitsos and Anastasia Pantelidou
- - Roget's Thesaurus: a Lexical Resource to Treasure
Mario Jarmasz and Stan Szpakowicz
- - Reducing ambiguity by cross-category connections
Barbara Gawronska and Björn Erlendsson