NAACL 2001

Conference Program

Invited Talks

Tom Mitchell, Carnegie Mellon University and WhizBang!
"Machine Learning and Extracting Information from the Web"

Aravind Joshi, University of Pennsylvania
"Language Modeling of Biological Data"

Jon Kleinberg, Cornell University
"Structure and Content in World Wide Web Search"

Registration will be in the Commons area on the first floor of the University Center.
All registrations will take place from 8:00am-5:00pm.
(Full floor plans of the University Center are available.)

Tutorial Program (Rangos Hall, June 2)

Workshop Program and EMNLP (Rangos Hall and McConomy Auditorium, June 3 and 4)

Main Conference Program: (McConomy Auditorium, June 5-7)

Exhibits Program (Rangos Hall, June 6)

Demo Program (Connan Room, June 5-7)

General Conference Chair: Lori Levin (Carnegie Mellon University),
Program Chair: Kevin Knight (USC/Information Sciences Institute),
Local Arrangements: Alon Lavie (Carnegie Mellon University),

Senior Program Committee:
Eric Brill, Microsoft Research,
Ann Copestake, Cambridge University and CSLI,
Marti Hearst, UC Berkeley,
Aravind Joshi, University of Pennsylvania,
Andrew Kehler, UC San Diego,
Elliott Macklovitch, University of Montreal,
Fernando Pereira, WhizBang! Labs,
Owen Rambow, AT&T Research,
Elizabeth Shriberg, SRI,
Ralph Weischedel, BBN,