Automatic Summarization Workshop Program

08:45 08:50 Opening Remarks
08:50 09:50 INVITED SPEAKER: Jamie Carbonell,
"Information Utility in Summarization and Retrieval"
Session I: Evaluation
09:50 10:15 An Inquiry into the Nature of Multidocument Abstracts, Extracts and Their Evaluation
Daniel Marcu and Laurie Gerber
10:15 10:45 BREAK
Session I (Continued)
10:45 11:10 Task-Based Evaluation of Summary Quality: Describing Relationships Between Scientific Papers
Simone Teufel
Session II: Domain Specific Summarization
11:10 11:35 Increasing the Coherence of Spoken Dialogue Summaries by Cross-Speaker Information Linking
Klaus Zechner and Alon Lavie
11:35 12:00 Towards Generating Patient Specific Summaries of Medical Articles
Noemie Elhadad and Kathleen R. McKeown
Session III: Multi-Document Summarization
12:00 12:25 SimFinder: A Flexible Clustering Tool for Summarization
Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou, Judith L. Klavans, Melissa L. Holcombe, Regina Barzilay, Min-Yen Kan and Kathleen R. McKeown
12:25 01:45 LUNCH BREAK
Panel I: Past, Present and Future of Evaluation
Introduction: Jade Goldstein
01:55 02:10 INVITED SPEAKER: Inderjeet Mani,
"Summarization Evaluation: An Overview"
02:10 02:25 Text Summarization Challenge Text summarization evaluation in Japan (TSC)
Takahiro Fukusima and Manabu Okumura
02:25 02:40 INVITED SPEAKER: Daniel Marcu,
"The Document Understanding Conference: A New Forum for Summarization Research and Evaluation (DUC)"
02:40 03:00 DISCUSSION
Session IV: Approaches to Japanese Text Summarization
03:00 03:25 An Extrinsic Evaluation for Question-Biased Text Summarization on QA tasks
Tsutomu Hirao, Yutaka Sasaki and Hideki Isozaki
03:25 03:50 How small a distinction among summaries can an IR-based evaluation method identify?
Yoshio Nakao
03:50 04:20 BREAK
Panel II: Summarization in the Real World
Panel Moderator: Chin-Yew Lin
04:20 04:40 WebInEssence: A Personalized Web-Based Multi-Document Summarization and Recommendation System
Dragomir R. Radev, Weiguo Fan and Zhu Zhang
04:40 05:00 Text compaction for display on very small screens
Simon Corston-Oliver
05:00 05:20 Summarisation Miniaturisation: Delivery of News to Hand-Helds
Branimir Boguraev, Rachel Bellamy and Calvin Swart
05:20 05:40 Invited Paper: Text Summarization of Web pages on Handheld Devices
Orkut Buyukkokten, Hector Garcia-Molina and Andreas Paepcke
05:40 06:00 DISCUSSION