My head in 3-D:

Thanks to Jon Webb and Larry Zitnick, there is now a new, improved (color) 3-D representation of my head online. Well, a 3-D model of the part that's visible from one angle, anyway. It was produced using Jon's new algorithm for acquiring 3-D data points from multiple cameras.

It's represented in VRML format. To see it in ``real 3-D'', you need a VRML viewer. These are available for SGI machines, MS Windows NT or 95, Sun Solaris Beta1.0, IBM AIX Beta1.0, or even SunOS Suns and some other platforms.

Without a VRML viewer, you can still see GIFs made from VRweb views from the front and side, below. They are almost life-like. You can also see old front and side views taken when the system was young.
(The green spots appeared when I reduced the resolution in order to run VRML on a mere mortal Sun workstation.)