Class Text


public class Text
extends Region

Tagless text regions on an HTML page.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class websphinx.Region
end, names, source, start, TRUE
Constructor Summary
Text(Page page, int start, int end, java.lang.String text)
          Make a Text.
Method Summary
 java.lang.String toText()
          Returns the region's tagless text
Methods inherited from class websphinx.Region
enumerateObjectLabels, findEnd, findStart, getEnd, getField, getFields, getLabel, getLabel, getLength, getNumericLabel, getObjectLabel, getObjectLabels, getRootElement, getSource, getStart, hasAllLabels, hasAllLabels, hasAnyLabels, hasAnyLabels, hasLabel, removeLabel, setField, setFields, setLabel, setLabel, setObjectLabel, span, toHTML, toString, toTags
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Constructor Detail


public Text(Page page,
            int start,
            int end,
            java.lang.String text)
Make a Text.

page - Page containing region
start - Starting offset of region in page
end - Ending offset of region
text - Text of which region consists
Method Detail


public java.lang.String toText()
Returns the region's tagless text

toText in class Region
a string consisting of the text in the page contained by this region