Interface Classifier

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AltaVista, Excite, Google, HotBot, MetaCrawler, NewsBot, NewsIndex, StandardClassifier

public interface Classifier
extends java.io.Serializable

Classifier interface. A classifier is a helper object that annotates pages and links with labels (using Page.setLabel() and Link.setLabel()). When a page is retrieved by a crawler, it is passed to the classify() method of every Classifier registered with the crawler. Here are some typical uses for classifiers:

Method Summary
 void classify(Page page)
          Classify a page.
 float getPriority()
          Get priority of this classifier.

Method Detail


public void classify(Page page)
Classify a page. Typically, the classifier calls page.setLabel() and page.setField() to mark up the page. The classifier may also look through the page's links and call link.setLabel() to mark them up.

page - Page to classify


public float getPriority()
Get priority of this classifier. Lower priorities execute first. A classifier should also define a public constant priority so that classifiers that depend on it can compute their priorities statically. For example, if your classifier depends on FooClassifier and BarClassifier, you might set your priority as:
 public static final float priority = Math.max (FooClassifier, BarClassifier) + 1;
 public float getPriority () { return priority; }

priority of this classifier