Synchronizing Clipboards of Multiple Computers

Robert C. Miller and Brad A. Myers

Robert C. Miller and Brad A. Myers. "Synchronizing Clipboards of Multiple Computers." Proceedings of UIST '99, November 1999, pp 65-66.


This paper describes a new technique for transferring data between computers, the synchronized clipboard. Multiple computers can share a synchronized clipboard for all clipboard operations, so that data copied to the clipboard from one computer, using the standard Copy command, can be pasted directly on another computer using the standard Paste command. Synchronized clipboards are well-suited for a single user moving data among several computers in close proximity. We describe an implementation of synchronized clipboards that works across a wide range of existing systems, including 3Com PalmPilots, Microsoft Windows PCs, Unix workstations, and other Java-capable platforms. Our implementation adds no noticeable overhead to local copy and paste operations.

A desktop PC, a laptop, and a handheld can all share a synchronized clipboard,
accessing it with the standard Copy and Paste commands built into applications.

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