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Human-Computer Music Performance, Including Computer Accompaniment

Computer Accompaniment software from 1985.
Vocal accompaniment demonstration (Lorin Grubb's disseration work).
Human-Computer Music Performance - virtual string orchestra with live big band.
Human-Computer Music Performance - Capgun Quartet with added virtual horn section.

Compositions and Performances

Separation Logic, performed by Lindsey Goodman, flute.
Critical Point - July 11, 2009, Pittsburgh from Roger Dannenberg on Vimeo.
Patterns -- 4 Mar 2010 -- Connecticut College from Roger Dannenberg on Vimeo.
Origin, Direction, Location from Roger Dannenberg on Vimeo.
Separation Logic for trumpet and score following software.
'Round Midnight performance using Antescofo score following courtesy of Arshia Cont, IRCAM.
Resound! performance by Erin Yanacek, 2014.
Resound! feature by CMU School of Music with Neal Berntsen, 2016.
Roger Dannenberg, Improvisation (Trumpet and Computer) in Valencia, Spain, 2016 (excerpt).

“Duet on Stein,” 2018, recorded concert performance by Kamraton, Pittsburgh, November 2018.
Separation Logic, recording by Lindsey Goodman, flute.

Opera: La Mare dels Peixos

La Mare dels Peixos - Act 1
La Mare dels Peixos - Act 2, Part 1
La Mare dels Peixos - Act 2, Part 2
La Mare dels Peixos - Act 3, Parts 1 & 2
La Mare dels Peixos - Act 3, Parts 3 & 4


Pebble watch accelerometer to synthesizer.
Automatic style recognition demonstration.
Sound synthesis driven by images of light reflected from water.
Human Computer Music Performance demo video from NIME 2015 featuring “arrangements” facility.
Short demo video from CMMR 2013 showing work from Jiuqiang Tang’s masters thesis on gesture spotting and recognition.


Roger Dannenberg, C3 Lecture Series @ Georgia Tech from Brian Magerko on Vimeo.
McGill CIRMMT Distinguished Lecture Series: Roger Dannenberg “Music understanding and the future of music performance,” 12 Sep 2013.
Interspeech 2012 Keynote (Linked to
MusICA Seminar: Roger B. Dannenberg - Music Understanding and the Future of Music Performance. Tuesday, January 21st, 2014, University of Edinburgh.
Roger Dannenberg Imagines the Future of Music at CS+X Colloquium, Northwestern University.
Roger Dannenberg appeared on the national radio program “Science Friday”, 25 May 2018.

McBlare - Robotic Bagpipe Player

Highland Laddie, recorded at the Scottish Parliament Building.
McBlare in Edinburgh, part 1.
McBlare in Edinburgh, part 2.
McBlare plays Chris Armstrong's “Xtreme”.
McBlare plays “McBlare” in the Scottish Parliament Building, Edinburgh.
McBlare plays “Glasgow” in the Scottish Parliament Building, Edinburgh.

Jazz Performances

George Gee's Make Believe Ballroom Orchestra, 1986
Roger Humphries Big Band, 2008