First Carnegie Mellon University Symposium on Technology Enhanced Learning

May 21-22, 1996

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Symposium Goals and Format

New technology offers many opportunities for change in education. This symposium will bring together a diverse group of people who are actively exploring the use of technology in education. The goal of this symposium is to establish an understanding of: where we are now, what are the issues, and where is the field headed.

Participants, including invited speakers, will be drawn from a number of areas of research and practice, including computer-based learning environments, multimedia, distance learning, technology/network mediated collaborative learning, classroom instruction, simulation, artificial intelligence, and instructional design.

The symposium will consist of presentations on research and practice, and feature demonstrations of educational technology. The demonstration sessions will give hands-on experience as well as an opportunity for in-depth discussion with the presenters.

The symposium will also include the interactive multimedia show "Journey into the Living Cell" at The Carnegie Science Center, followed by a dinner reception.

Invited Speakers

How to Participate

To attend, you must register. Click here for registration information.

Establish an electronic presence by sending a URL and a descriptive phrase to We'll add it to the symposium web pages.

If you would like to present your work, send an abstract (by email) of 300 words or less by immediately to URLs with additional information are welcome. Presenters will be selected by a panel and notified by email on or before April 19.

Contact Information

Questions can be sent by email to
Or call Kay Kowalski at 412-268-5885

Conference Organizers

Sponsored by the Office of the President, Carnegie Mellon University