Midiprt, A Standard Midi File Printer

Midiprt is a utility program to display the contents of a MIDI file. It uses no specific CMT modules and can be built as an ordinary C program. Midiprt was contributed by George Logemann.

Running Midiprt involves a dialog as follows (each response is followed by <Enter>):

Parameter file name:
Type file name (as explained below) followed by <Enter> if none, <Enter> only, then:

MIDI file name
Type entire file name including any extension.

Output file name
Type a file name to receive output, otherwise <Enter> only displays output on monitor.

Show all?
Type y for maximum output; otherwise, n is followed by:

Show messages?
Type y to show MIDI messages other than sysex.

Show meta events?
Type y to show meta data.

Show sysex occurences?
Type y to show where sysex's appear.

In the case of each of the three types of items, responding y asks:

Show <whatever> details?
Type y to show the entire text of this type of item.

If you reply y to showing MIDI messages, then the system asks:

Expand running status?
Reply y to expand running status, i.e., generate artificially the status byte that pertains, usually note on's and note off's Otherwise, system displays exactly what is in the file.

If you reply y to showing details, the system asks:

Show delta times?
Replying y shows the elapsed time preceding events (as reported in the file).

Show running times?
Replying y shows the total elapsed time to the event (as calculated by summing delta times).


If you intend to repeat a specific series of reponses, you may find it convenient to type the responses in a file, then type the file name at the first prompt.

Times are measured in pulses. The track header indicates ppq = pulses per quarter note; the "set tempo" meta event indicates microseconds per quarter note.

The first byte of a message is followed by the number of bytes in the message enclosed in parentheses, then the remaining bytes of the message.

Message bytes are in hex, quantities (times, numbers of bytes) are in decimal.

Midiprt does not use a standard file open dialog on the Macintosh. The easiest way to use the program on the Macintosh is to put the executable program file into the folder with the parameter and .mid files. The output will go there too if you request an explicit output file.

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