The Piano Tutor

The Piano Tutor project developed an interactive, intelligent, multimedia tutor for beginning piano students. It worked really well, and it is a shame that the technology has not yet made it into a consumer product. It is licensed to one company on a non-exclusive basis, so there's hope.
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Dannenberg, Sanchez, Joseph, Saul, Joseph, and Capell, ``An Expert System for Teaching Piano to Novices,'' in 1990 International Computer Music Conference, International Computer Music Association (September 1990), pp. 20-23.

An early, short report on the Piano Tutor.

Dannenberg, ``Combining Intelligence, Media and Interaction in the Piano Tutor,'' in Multimedia: Uses, Misuses and Usability of a Revolutionary User Interface, 1992 Symposium Proceedings, Metropolitan Chapter of the Human Factors Society, pp. 15-18, 1992.

You probably won't find this in your library. I tried to cover some of the "multimedia" aspects of the Piano Tutor in this paper written for a symposium. The chapter in Multimedia Interface Design covers roughly the same ideas:

Dannenberg and Joseph. "Human-Computer Interaction in the Piano Tutor." In Blattner and Dannenberg, eds., Multimedia Interface Design, ACM Press, pp. 65-78, 1992. (Also published in Chinese, 1994.)

Dannenberg, Sanchez, Joseph, Capell, Joseph, Saul, ``A Computer-Based Multi-Media Tutor for Beginning Piano Students,'' Interface - Journal of New Music Research, 19(2-3), 1990, pp. 155-173.

A fairly early but detailed report on the Piano Tutor. Most of the stuff in this article was implemented as described, so it is a pretty good architectural description.
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Dannenberg, Sanchez, Joseph, Joseph, Saul, and Capell, ``Results from the Piano Tutor Project,'' in Proceedings of the Fourth Biennial Arts and Technology Symposium, Connecticut College, (March 1993), pp. 143-150.

This is the only paper written after the project was completed. It is a short paper about what we learned and includes the results from our pilot study.
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