Ravishankar Krishnaswamy
Office: 103A, Computer Science Department
Princeton University
Email: ravishan (at) cs (dot) cmu (dot) edu

Some Random Stuff

Show Unread in Gmail: Here's a cool Gmail tip that I recently found handy. If you would like it to show only the unread emails in a particular folder/label, all you need to do is search for "label:yourlabel label:unread".

Quotes: When in Roam(ing): If you're in town, check out some of the cool Pittsburgh Steps---the ones on the southside slopes likely come with a great view of the hills, the river(s), and of course, downtown Pittsburgh for free. Walking the long ones up will always be more rewarding :) Plus there are the usual suspects of taking the Incline up Mt. Washington, Fallingwater, Strip District on a Saturday, North Side Museums, etc.

Coffee: There are a few (more) good men, but these are ones I've been to most often and will recommend (not in any particular order). Thought for Food: (Restaurant choices in Pittsburgh, with bias towards the veggies).
Udipi (a bit far but worth the travel), Spice Island Tea House (variety and tasty food), Tram's Kitchen (just tell Mr. Tram that you're vegetarian), Pamela's (of course, the hot crepes), Plum (very very fresh), Abay (try their flavourful green bean appetizer), Zaw's Kitchen (beware of some variance and long waits), Church Brew Works (great ambience, good pizza), Square Cafe (some creative brunch options), Thai Cuisine/Silk Elephant/Thai Place.

World Cup Moment. Surely there is no better way to finish off the finals of the World Cup, especially with more than a billion eyes on you?

Oh, and of course, Go Steelers!