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Robotic Autonomy Graduation Day


Graduation and Exhibitions



A closing ceremony gave many the chance to congratulate all of the students for their wonderful achievements in Robotic Autonomy

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren congratulates the class.


Raj Reddy says a few words.

Josephine Hawkins, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs at NHU, adds her comments.


Jose Chavez describes his experiences in Robotic Autonomy







Henry McDonald, director of NASA/Ames, welcomes the ceremonies.

Maylene Duenas congratulates all.


Xavier Gaeta speaks about his experiences.

Luz Cabrales gives the first student speech.

Illah introduces the robot's co-creators: Thomas Hsiu and Steve Richards








All teams demonstrated their wonderful, complete exhibitions on Graduation Day.


A game of Musical Chairs kicked off the exhibition.




Duckt Tapes' Pac-Man game is demonstrated by Xavier.


Team Piranha (above) finds unattended packages and secures them (below).


The PowerPuff Girls demonstrate their Future Car.

The FemmeBots demonstrate the Teddy-Bear collectorBot.


The Wizard of Az, as interpreted by Snagglepuss and played by the TA's of Robotic Autonomy!




JTP's robot waiter serves a calistoga to a thirsty patron.

The Dragons navigates visually around a target, taking multiple pictures from various perspectives.



The Spongebots take their Halloween Robot trick-or-treating.


Captain Morgan shows off their search-and-rescue robot, complete with pyroelectric sensing.


A series of Bomb Disposal Squad contests punctuate the afternoon.

Captain Morgan uses their custom manipulator to pick up the bomb.

The Dragons prepare for their first Bomb contest.

Luz of the Spongebots prepares for Bomb Squad.

The Dragons play an effective game.