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Summer 2002

Robotic Autonomy Institution

Welcome to the Robotic Autonomy Summer Course website.

Click here to access the official 2002 website. This site includes lesson challenges, pictures, videos and open-source documentation by all RASC 2002 teams.

You can also download and play a seven-minute, 50 MB Quicktime movie produced by NASA about this course. This video consists of a series of student interviews, highlighting the educational features of Robotic Autonomy. This video is available here. For a much higher-quality version of this video click here but be patient; this is 130MB.

Here is what a few of the students had to say over the course of the 7 week class: Guadalupe (35MB), Herson (25MB), Bertha (40MB), Toi (22MB).

Click here to download a 2 MB zip file containing the complete Robotic Autonomy curriculum package, including course schedule, instructor lecture outlines, evaluation forms and other materials. You can download survey forms used to evaluate educational efficacy here. Additional information is available from the course instructor, including complete lecture notes, lesson plans, survey forms and grading sheets.