Flip Ball


The main point of this toy is to flip a ball into one of the ten holes given. To have the ball flip, it is placed on a spoon-like piece which can bend up and down. The piece can rotate left or right, to allow the player to aim to a specific hole. To launch the ball, the player slightly pushes down on the spoon piece, causing it to bend, and then the player lets go, causing the projectile motion of the ball. To get the ball into the right hole, the player must aim properly and given the ball the correct force.

The physical principle of this toy is projectile motion - the bending force in the spoon causes an upward force on the ball, which sets it off into projectile motion.

The cost to construct this toy is very cheap, considering the fact that every piece should just be made of plastic. The toy is fairly durable, with the only worry being the spoon figure. After constant use of this toy, this piece seems like it can wear down, so this piece should be made with more durable material than the rest of the toy. This toy should not be used by small children because the ball is small enough to swallow, which clearly is a safety concern.

Toy concept 1 | Toy concept 2

Tyrone Celoza
Carnegie Mellon University
January 26, 2010