Original Concept

CAD Model #1

CAD Model #2

CAD Model #3

Snow Slinger

Group: Michael Serebrennikov, Sarah Stroup, Charles Doomany

39-245 Rapid Design through Virtual and Physical Prototyping

Instructor: Susan Finger


Manufacturing Process: The idea was for the Snow Slinger prototype to be entirely created by an FDM printer. The final model called for the toy to be created from two parts - the base, and the arm/cup. These would be held together by a pin at the hinge.

A major obstacle in the manufacturing process was the fact that all of CMU's 3D printers are currently out of order (FDM as well as others). From other group reports, we have learned about the fact that a scale factor needs to be input into the machine in order for it to be made in correct dimensions. Also, scaling affects every aspect of the model, thus potentially affecting other dimensions such as pin or spring sizes.

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