Superman Pendulum

This is a simple pendulum on which the figure of Superman is swing as the weight. The rod is attached to the Superman figure at his infamous red underpants. The Superman figure is posed in his flying motion, so it looks like he's flying when he swings back and forth.

The toy is based on the physical principle of a simple swing pendulum. It demonstrates the concept of the conservation of energy and describes the transformation from potential energy to kinetic energy, and vice-versa.

The rod will be rigid so that it avoids tensile slack during a big swing. The bearings which hold the horizontal axle will be made of smooth metallic material to minimize friction. The fist of the figure will be made of soft foam material to avoid hurting children eyes accidentally. The body of the figure will be made of plastic and the weight will be centralized at the red underpants, so that it swings evenly. The cost would be quite low since it's mainly made out of plastic. However, the bearings will be the most probably place to break under a low-cost construction. It's recommended for kids of age 4 or above.

Toy concept 2 | Toy concept 3
KinHang Leung
Carnegie Mellon University
January 26, 2010