Rubix Maze

The rubix maze is a modular maze concept that combines a Rubix Cube and a regular maze. Each segment of the rubix cube is covered with a small portion of the maze. A marble is inside the maze, and the goal is to get the marble into the goal. The maze can be navigated in two ways: by tilting the maze and manipulating the marble with gravity, or by twisting the rubix cube in order to change the shape of the maze. This toy teaches a child not only how to manipulate gravity, but to use it in conjuction with altering their surroundings. The toy will not be very expensive, and because of the lack of protuding pieces, will not break easily. It is, however, a blunt object, and throwing it at someone may be a little dangerous.

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Ibuki Kamei
Carnegie Mellon University
January 22, 2010