The String Propeller Toy Car incorporates the use of a wide width plastic toy car.Attached to the backside of the toy car is a plastic propeller.A child would pull the string attached to the rod which connects the toy car to the propeller.The pulling of the string will then rotate the propeller in a clockwise motion.This will allow for the forward movement of the toy car.When the propeller stops rotating, then the toy vehicle will come to a halt.There is also a counterweight in the front of the toy which will allow for an even distribution of weight on the toy car.

The toy car will be very lightweight.The total cost of this toy will be approximately 3 dollars if sold in the market.However, the cost to produce this product will be approximately 1.50 dollars if mass-produced.

It will be appropriate for children 5 years and older.The propeller is a plastic component and is affixed to the toy car.This is a safety precaution towards younger children.Overall, the product is rather safe as well as durable.It will not move fast enough to injure a child.The toy is made primarily of plastic components.The child can play this toy by himself/herself or with a group of friends.They can race the vehicle or even move the car from one child to the next.

The rotating force of the propeller can demonstrate the ability of physical forces to allow for the toy car to move forward on the ground.