Designing Fluids Exhibits for the Carnegie Science Center

During the summer of 1995, severn undergraduates, Justin O Parkhurst, Han Cho, Zen Osang, Anne Bielke, Edgardo Torres, Iris Leon, and Tonya Rado, worked on a National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF REU)  project at the Engineering Design Research Center at Carnegie Mellon University.  The project involved the design of exhibits for the Carnegie Science Center to help children learn principles of fluid dynamics.

The following pages document their experience.

Designing an Exhibit for the Carnegie Science Center:  A Journal Describing the Procedure Involved

        This document includes many sketches for exhibits and an Appendix on how children learn about    

A description of some of the students' experiences during the exhibit design

A proposal for a senior honors project that gives some background on the Carnegie Science Center and their requirements for exhibits.

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