Carnegie Mellon Crew Team:   Head of the Schuylkill in Philadelphia, 1999. That's me in 5 seat (middle.)
Btw, I'm not smiling - that is pain. Rowers go anaerobic for ~15 minutes. Most ordinary humans can not do this. ;p
We finished 4th out of 34.

Me in the old, Multi-Robot Lab, in Doherty Hall. It must be the summer of 2000 and I am just beginning to assemble the mid-size soccer playing robots . After which we(*) traveled to Melbourne, Australia to compete in RoboCup 2000 for 10 days.

Myself and Brett (he is from Australia) pose with our squad of attack robots. These puppies are running some of the sweetest AI on planet earth (circa 2001.)   note: the machine guns are in the other room.

A random sample of the Original Caldlings sometime (can you guess?) during the 2001-2002 school year.
(Matteo, Xauri, Elena, Anna, Pippin, Rande, Ricardo, Krishna, CoolDude, Deepay is behind the door.)