Math Tutor Data Sheet

Rande Shern
(678) 772-3797

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Previous Tutoring Experience:

Private Math & Science Tutor, Marietta, GA
Met with an eighth grade student on a weekly basis to build study skills and to provide homework support.   This student has brought his Math and Science grades from C.s to A.s.

Math and Physics Tutor
Office of Supportive Services, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
Tutored 2-3 groups of 3-4 students weekly in Freshman Physics, Calculus, and Algebra concepts.   Won an award for being an .Outstanding Tutor. my first semester.   Helped with course work and was assigned as their personal mentor for their transition into College.

East End Youth Tutor
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Traveled once a week to a local Middle School to tutor 5th graders in Math and Reading.   One or two students left their class for one period to meet me in the tutoring room.

Private Physics Tutor, Marietta GA
Met with a high school student four times spring semester 1996.   Helped this person with concepts of Physics and Calculus.   The student passed the AP Physics Exam with a 4.

Math Grader/Teaching Assistant
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Numerical Methods (36-379 at CMU):
Responsible for holding office hours to answer student questions about course material and for grading homework assignments.   Kept the grade book.   Also, had the opportunity to teach a lecture when the professor was out of town.   This was a Junior level math class in college.

Math Grader
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Concepts of Modern Mathematics (36-127 at CMU);
Responsible for grading homework assignments throughout the semester.

Adjunct Mathematics Lecturer
Chattahoochee Technical College, Marietta, GA
Taught four sections of pre-Algebra Mathematics courses. Responsible for developing class lectures, giving exams, grading, and a bit of career counseling.

Honors:   I am a member of Pi Mu Epsilon, National Mathematical Honor Society (Michigan alpha.)

Relevant Course Work:
  Algebra & Geometry   4.0/4.0
  Calculus I   4.0/4.0
  Calculus II   4.0/4.0
  Calculus III   4.0/4.0
  Calculus IV   4.0/4.0  
  Differential Equations I   4.0/4.0
  Vector Analysis   3.5/4.0
  Probability & Statistics I   4.0/4.0
  Probability & Statistics II   4.0/4.0
  Numerical Methods   (course homework Grader and Teaching Assistant)
  Concepts of Modern Math (course homework Grader)