Jason Bostick's History of the INWO Game

OK..from the beginning of the game.

The Deck I designed had multiple win potential, with the Network being actually a Minor goal compared to my other possibilities. With the three plots I drew, I decided that Finland would be a better choice over Japan as my lead draw in that I could power boost it instantly, it was easier to undevastate, if they decided to hit it early, and it still counted as two towards my special once boosted. Japan just cried out to be a target.

I did almost kick myself for not doing Mossad (that is very powerful in a network deck, with the two plot draws) but figured I could probably take it away later with my agents card.

Don's first turn:

I was cursing, both the Necronomicon and the BATF, which I had in my deck to head for my Servants victory and my power victory, but likewise, I had an Agent for the BATF to get them back should I need to go that way.

James first turn:

no real comments..not anything I could really do..


NPC'S!..I hate these guys...if they are offered for destruction, I will probably assist in it.

My First turn:

I needed to play defensive..with a Servants out there, my deck was an open target. So take my ATO, boost my powers, and save some money for later on.

I would have dropped Japan if I had had it in my hand I would have played it, but I hadn't been lucky enough to draw it.

Glen's turn:

DOH!..another group I'll have to agent away (at this time, I was not conspiring anywhere, but was just trying to survive for another round

that also put him REAL close to 1/2 way to his goal, which was making me uneasy.

Round 2

Don's turn 2:

More destructive power..and now the conspiracies are starting..and luckily he's not targeting me....yet

I didn't feel comfortable with blowing New York up so early, and Glen looked like I would be able to deal and conspire with (or against) later on in the game should things start to look up in my favor.

England's decision to defend New York was well thought out. I was going to get Japan and some other assistance from Glen, and set up a possible Long term ally. I had originally intended to Unmask to Bavarian, but luckily I had backed that goal up with a PfioS card, so that I could win that way as well and use the Appled-Bavarians help as long as possible.

James Turn 2

Another secret group..that's 6 groups for him..

OK..blow up the NPC's..and with a secret attack, he can't stop the overall.just one of our actions, so I waited until he spent his token then used my Illuminati to help, figuring that Thany was unlikely to strike at me, so I should be safe until my turn.

Thany Turn 2

Lots of power, and all Conservative...not really a disaster prone Bavarians, which I had never seen before..my limited exposure to different decks is starting to show.

I also realized what cards were almost musts in any deck that I owned none of before I built my deck (secrets was most prominent in that list). So my deck had no card cancelers, but I was able to bluff for most of the game, and I don't know if anyone ever realized this except Ralph.

My turn 2.

Dang NWO, lowered my power..but Russia was another group I could boost with a +6, so it should be OK....and now I get the Japan from Glen, paying for my assistance I gave him earlier and for later help I would give him for getting a group of his own.

the Blitzkrieg made it easy to reorganize and still draw more plots, and still have my Illuminati token to power the Seize the time I have.

My STT turn.

no card draws, but that's OK..I get a free ATO, I probably should have done Germany last turn instead of Russia, but I would have spent the token anyways getting the plots, but oh well..

and the AM on Japan...Big shock there..I was hoping maybe for just a devastation that I might be able to fix later...or if it was destroyed..I had the counter-rev to bring it back.

By this time, I had already ruled out my Cthulhu win, and was focusing on either Bavarian or Network, but with the Loss of Japan, that made the Network harder because I only had the two computer groups, and was still a disaster target.

Glen turn 2

I owed Glen some help, so I gave it by helping him get the LPD's with some serious tokens. Give up an English token wouldn't hurt me, though if i had known about a floating German Agents card, I would have saved that token and used another one instead.

Glen STT turn

no real comments



Ack...another AM, and me with still yet more coastals..and Don's holding all sorts of tokens...and lots of blow up bonuses..


This took some work and study and learning of more cards, because of the Liberal bonus with nation/nation..I needed to lower his roll by as much as possible...unfortunately, it was not enough, even with Glen and I working together..*sigh*.

8 groups..this is getting a bit large for my taste..he needs to be slowed down.


Lots of power, lots of tokens..yes..I'm worried..but I can't really do anything.

I do wonder why he's not using his Privileged attacks though.


too much power, I need to protect myself..get a couple of groups, hold onto my tokens, and pray to whatever God might be listening. Canada and France weren't too powerful, but 6 more pts was 6 more pts. Getting rid of the other Blue NWO helped too. I haven't drawn my unmasking stuff yet, and my plot hand is full, so this is getting tight.


At this point, Glen and I are pretty close to working together, trying to survive (he has small structure, I have weak groups)

shame about the loss of Cali, but w/o it..it does give me another turn to move up the scale.

Don Round 4:

Blow up My France?..he's already hurt me once..geez.

I've got cards, and am glad Glen is on my side. He gives me the secrets and I junk some cards I don't plan on using.

now he's going to try and blow up his own groups..typical Damn Cthulhu anyways..Thany stopped him at this point..very helpful.

6/10 groups..he's getting there..but still far enough off for safety


Token building turn..ack..and LOTS of global power...


oops..forgot his privileged attack..now we interfere...stop him from getting another group..then glen tries to stop him from growing more...but he had enough defense from the brush-growth

Then Don's connection problems...which sucked..but I didn't know the whole of it, so I let it go..

Now he used his priv attack to get another group, and we can't stop him...this gives him his power for the first declared victory of the game.

Top stop Thany..I had to sacrifice France..I had to really think about this because that was going to drop me by a group, give Don another destruction, possibly two if his plan worked..giving him a sizable jump on the rest of us, but to continue the game..I had to..

Boom goes France..but I get plots because Don was nice enough to give me Soulburner, and I did get a secrets from it..so that was helpful (since I had neglected to put any in my deck)..now he devastates Pentagon (I'm not complaining...he didn't destroy it) then he turns around and annual conventions on the wives..ouch..that hurts..

I have my agents still, and am ready to pound him, but he drops a good polls..Damn...Give the secrets to James to stop that.

My turn

SIC!?!?!? DAMN it..I had him, and I think he knew it since I was so adamant about getting the good polls canceled.

Don commented about us playing seize the times, but he forgot that both Glen and I had already used that trick in this game.

This basically told me my chances were slim at winning this game. Time to choose my buddy and help them to victory..and of course..Glen and I had worked well together all game, so I was going to support him.


I give glen a nice agents card gift to help him with his victory tromp, the BATF would look very nice in his group setup...after he gets the CIA and the Big Prawn (already giving him the victory number he needs) he goes after the BATF with a Boatload of power...

He fails the roll..damn...but James offers to change the roll if Glen offers me CIA..great..I just refuse the gift..:):)

The one die roll was to determine who was going to win this turn, and Glen won the roll..

I turn down the gift, just so he has a good shot at winning..then James drops the NWO's, really changing the outlook of the board..*growl*

Round 5

I actually expected a WHOLE lot more resistance this turn. Don just holding on I can understand, so as not to waste his tokens in case we pounded him..but why didn't James go for a victory..with so much global power and secrets..he had to have something that would have pushed him to victory..

Thany could probably have won too, so I'm not certain.

and my victory was a fluke..pure and simple.

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