Bunny RAD 1.0 Source Distribution

NOTE: If you've come here from Paul Heckbert's page, note that there are pointers to more up-to-date radiosity resources on the main page.

Here you can find all of the source code we have currently online:

These packages are currently only tested under Irix 5.3 and 6.2 on various models of SGI, but should be easily portable to anything with OpenGL (rad) and awk (exp). They are written in C++, so you will need a C++ compiler. I've tried to steer clear of those aspects of the language that are not consistently supported by the various different C++ compilers, so hopefully any such compiler will do.

 Please send any questions, comments, or (oh no!) bug reports to ajw+rad@cs.cmu.edu. Thanks!

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ajw October 14, 1998