Daniel Tunkelang

Welcome to my CMU home page, which I update sporadically. You're better off looking at my LinkedIn profile.

A Brief History

After graduating from MIT with degrees in computer science and math and then completing a PhD at CMU, I joined the founding team of Endeca, where I served as Chief Scientist. I then worked at Google to improve local search quality. As of December 2010, I live in Mountain View, where I am Head of Query Understanding at LinkedIn. We are growing rapidly, and always looking for rock stars! Please contact me if you are interested in full-time or internship positions. Also, I used to blog at The Noisy Channel, but I now post on LinkedIn.

Conferences and Workshops

I am a co-founder and member of the steeting committee for the symposium on Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval (HCIR), held annually since 2007. I've also organized industry tracks and workshops at SIGIR 2009, WSDM 2010, CIKM 2011, and RecSys 2012.

I've also presented at SDM 2002, CIKM 2004, SIGIR 2006, SIGIR 2007, ECIR 2008, SIGMOD 2009, ISSS 2009, RecSys 2011, RecSys 2012, CIKM 2012. SIGIR 2013, CIKM 2013, and WebSci 2014.

Finally, I have participated in a number of industry practitioner conferences in the areas of search, text analytics, big data, and the semantic web.

Graph Layout

Before discovering the joys of search, I worked on graph layout (aka graph drawing), which can generously be called information visualization.

Please feel free to read my dissertation on "A Numerical Optimization Approach to General Graph Drawing", and better yet download the source code.

The source code is available for both non-commercial and commercial use; I only ask that you acknowledge the use of the software and let me know that you are using it. Besides, you might actually get me to help you with it that way!

You might also be interested my earlier paper describing a practical approach to drawing undirected graphs.

Contact Information


Ben Tunkelang, 1929-2008, R.I.P. More information about the Tunkelang name here.