About Me

I'm an alumnus of the Language Technologies Institute, School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. While at CMU, I worked with Eric Nyberg on parsing algorithms and various aspects of Knowledge-Based Machine Translation.

During '93--'97, I worked on computer speech in the ``Sphinx'' Speech Group. Prior to that ('89--'93), I worked on computer speech R & D at BBN Labs (now part of Verizon).


I presented High-Performance Unification Parsing at 10:00 AM, Monday April 29th, in Wean Hall 4623. Happily, my committee liked and approved the work (i.e. I passed).


I've put some recent papers on the web for interested parties. I'll be putting more up as time permits.

Resume / C.V.

I also have here the obligatory Resume/C.V.


Even though I work on Computational Linguistics, I have an Erdös number of 5. This is slightly larger (further away) than average, for those with a finite Erdös number.

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Paul Placeway, pwp+ (AT) cs dot cmu dot edu

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