Third day of Vojtas Trial - Nov. 6

By Cynthia Davis

Yesterday (Nov. 6th) Dr. Wecht was a very good witness. At several points, he had the jurors, and the spectators laughing as the defense made their feeble attempt to discredit him, and to defend the actions of John Vojtas. One example was when Lindsey had Dr. Wecht look at a police manual printed in 1988. Dr. Wecht said the techinques in the manual were dangerous, and should not be used to restrain anyone, and if there was a current instruction book those techinques would not be in it. Al Lindsay said that the book was purchased several weeks ago to which Cyril Wecht replied, "The Bible contains alot of information that does not apply to today, and alot of people still buy that!" Another example was when Lindsey told the jury that Dr. Wecht had appeared on the Montel Williams show, and on Good Morning America. He then asked Dr. Wecht, "Aren't you involved in this case to further your own career?" Wecht when on to tell him that he is consulted in lots of cases, and even by Oliver Stone for the movie JFK. He didn't need to do anything to become well known, but that his book sales certainly don't reflect his popularity!:)

He blamed John Vojtas for Jonny's death by putting his knee in his back, among other things such as pressure being put on him. I have to say that Anthony Krastek was much better in prosecuting this case yesterday. He put on a witness that examined the blood on Jonny's clothes. John Vojtas' blood was on the back on Jonny's shirt. It was a blood drop. It had to have fallen at a ninety degree angle, meaning that Vojtas was on Jonny's back, and did not leave the scene after being bitten as he has tried to lead people to believe. There was also a large smear of Vojtas' blood on the back of Jonny's jeans from the pocket going down the leg.

The jurors are making eye contact with people in the audience, they are looking at the family, but not at Vojtas,except with an occasional incredulous glance. He meanwhile had his mouth open alot when the testimony was really hitting home.

Another observation from election day testimony was that when Ecker attacked the young law student for calling the NAACP instead of the police, a middle aged dark haired woman shot him a really disgusted look, with her mouth open in disbelief. It was clear he didn't trust the police to call them in this case.

Chief Basbish read Vojtas' police report. It said, "We all put our weight on Jonny trying to keep him down!" The report also said that when Jonny got out of the car that he was HOLDING A DATE BOOK, AND A PHONE! Apparently, he never thought he had a gun. The report said that he told Jonny to freeze. Officer Henderson testified that Vojtas never said anything like that!


I just heard on the radio that an expert in the use of force testified that Vojtas was reckless, should never have struck Jonny or interfered in the traffic stop which Muholland initiated. I've got to tell you, I am optimistic. The defense will have a hell of a job refuting the testimony of the coroners, and this nationally recognized expert on the use of force.

Oh, I forgot, the witness that the defense plans to bring forward to try to explain why Jonny died was hammered by Dr. Shakir. Dr. Shakir said, "This is real life, not a text book case where everything is perfect, and easily explained!"

Fingers are tired now. I think I've covered most everything. I'll let you know what happens tomorrow.


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