Closing arguments of Vojtas Trial - Nov. 11

By Cynthia Davis

Krastek mentioned Vojtas flaunting his thumb today in his closing arguement.

He also said that Al Lindsay should not have opened his mouth to talk about what John Vojtas is going through after not spending one moment with Mrs. Gammage. I wasn't able to get in this morning since alot of Brentwood officers took the available seats, but I was told that Lindsay never said anything about how tragic Jonny's death was or expressing any sympathy for the family.

Krastek said the Henderson was not his star witness, as Lindsay had said in this closing. Krastek said we needed him to point out inconsistancies in Vojtas' reports, and coroners inquest testimony.

Krastek said the the paramedic Danny Kinzel was not his star witness. The defense held Kinzel out to have so much medical training, and he couldn't see that Jonny Gammage was in trouble. Krastek went on to say that, "you heard from Kinzel's own mouth that Jonny Gammage was not his concern."

Krastek told the jury that they didn't get to hear from Lisa Seigworth under oath or get to hear about the nature of her relationship with John Vojtas.

He told the jury that when Vojtas was preparing his reports he left out the fact that he struck Mr. Gammage because he realized that he had done something wrong. He also told the jurors several times about Jonny being only 31, and that Jonny knew he was going to die.

There were several points in Krastek's closing arguement that several of the jurors were nodding affirmatively. The above was one of those points.

I wish that I had taken notes, but Krastek touched upon the important issues to show Vojtas' guilt.

Fred Honsberger from KDKA actually came out today, and said the Vojtas should be found quilty. What a shock! So,in light of that I pray that the jurors could also be swayed.


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