The Murder of Jonny Gammage.

Hey jonny
hey Jonny
jonny gammage
jonny gammage,
now it was on the 12 of october 1995,
this was the last night
jonny gammage was alive,
on route 51 where it all begun,
a routine traffic stop
ended up in murder.

They hit him with their flashlights
and threw him on the ground,
they hit him in the throat,
the face,the back and the balls,
with billy clubs and battons
they did their deadly dammage,
and murdered the life
out of poor old jonny gammage.

hey jonny
hay jonny
jonny gammage
jonny gammage.
hey jonny i hardly knew you,
hell i wasent even there,
but i saw it on the news,
and want to let you know i care,
your cause is not forgotton,
and the truth will be heard,
thy will be done,
the day will come,
when justice will be served.

hey jonny
jonny gammage
for jonny
justice will be served.
justice will be served.

Lyrics by Karl MUllen.
music by The Ploughmans Lunch
Poulaphuca Music 1996. BMI
all rights reserved.

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