A Message From Mrs. Gammage

"To the families of those who have been murdered, killed or brutalized by the police, and to the people who are concerned and support us in our desire for justice. But especially to the mothers and grandmothers of those who have been killed by the police. To everybody who would like to join us on Feb. 20 in Washington, D.C. Please join the Journey for Justice II, on the 1-year anniversary of the first Journey for Justice. We are taking buses from Syracuse and Pittsburgh and meeting up in Washington, to have a rally at the Justice Department to ask for the federal government to prosecute all of the police who so brutally beat and killed my son, Jonny Gammage Jr.

"This problem can be dealt with. There are laws already in effect but they're just not being followed. Nobody's done anything about it. So we want the people to put the pressure on to use the power that's already in place to address this problem. This is an important human issue that has to be dealt with. The injustice affects the way people act, and just causes division, hatred and rage between people. It's tearing away at the social fabric of our country.

"It's been a long journey but I still feel strong and will continue to fight until justice comes for my son. I'm also struggling because I don't want to see it happen to others. Right now people may be getting tired, but this issue still needs to be dealt with -- brutality keeps on happening. We vow to fight the evil that's out there. I would like to thank everybody who has worked so hard for their support. We hope to see you all in Washington. on Feb. 20."

Mrs. Narves Gammage, February, 1998


   9:30 am -- Rally for Justice for Jonny Gammage at the Justice Department.

   10:30 am -- Press Conference, Justice Department

   12:00 Noon  National Town Meeting on the struggle against police
brutality, location TBA.

Buses will be leaving from Pittsburgh on Friday Feb. 20 at 4:30 am, on
Shakespeare St. in East Liberty, and will return that night.
To find out more about the Journey for Justice please call 1-800-964-1451,
or in Pittsburgh, 412-363-8824.