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Setting up PSciCo on Windows NT

To get pscico running on Windows NT, you need to install the following items:

Installing SML/NJ on NT

To install SML/NJ on NT, you need to get the binaries, and libraries, install the binaries and libraries, set up the SML/NJ directory structure and set up the environment.

NOTE: When you set the environment variable SMLNJ_HOME, be sure to enclose the path in double quotes. Otherwise, SML/NJ will misinterpret your path.

SML/NJ Library

If you want to include SML/NJ library structures conveniently, you need to add some environment variables, folders, and files to your system. The following modifications allow you to use the same .cm files on both UNIX and NT. In the following instructions, I assume that your SML/NJ root folder has the path C:/Program Files/smlnj.

Adding the following line to your .cm files enables you to use the SML/NJ library routines.

To view the paths that CM uses to search for .cm files, use the following command at the SML/NJ prompt:
CM.set_path NONE;

PSciCo Library

You can easily make CM search the PSciCo libraries by appending your pscico working directory path to your CM_PATH variable.

Using CVS with Windows NT

Installing CVS

In the following instructions, I assume that the CVS working directory is 'C:\Program Files\unix\cvs'. You can use any directory you like though. A working directory is the directory you checkout files to, and modify source code in.

Using CVS Locally

To use CVS locally, you need to mount pscico's AFS repository as a network drive. If you can't do this please read Using CVS Remotely. Assume you have the pscico directory mounted as drive 'P:'

Now you need to install the pscico source tree on your machine, by checking out the source tree using CVS. Assume you want the pscico directory installed in the directory 'C:\user\derby'.

This procedure will install a directory called pscico in the directory 'C:\user\derby' containing the current pscico sources. You can bring the source files in your working directory upto date by issuing the following command:
cvs update -d
The -d option creates any new directories which have been added to the project.

NOTE:It is important that the -d flag comes after update keyword. cvs -d updatemeans something totally different.

Using CVS Remotely

I'm working with the CVS maintainer to figure out how to use CVS remotely.

Installing Pscico on Unix

To set up pscico on Unix, you need set up the following items:

Pscico's Environment Variables

You need to modify your shell's startup script. If you are using bash, you would add the folling lines to your .bashrc:

# The pscico project directory
# Your working directory
# Pscico's source code repository
export CVSROOT
# The latest version of SML/NJ
# Set up the path to use the latest cvs and SML/NJ
# Set the search path for CM to look in the pscico and SML/NJ libraries
export CM_PATH

Pscico's Working Directory

Using the Pscico Project

Pscico's CVS setup


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