The Many Hairs of Paul I spent many years with long hair and no interest in doing anything with it. Last summer I decided to do something different.


I have an astonishingly martial array of hobbies (at least, it astonished me when I listed them one day) - I can only assume I'm in training for the day my workstation renames itself Skynet and tries to enslave humanity. Until then, they're some fun ways to build integrated fitness and agility. Or fun to just read about - some interesting sites to cite: There's the less militant hobbies, of course: I do, in fact, even have less physical hobbies, although I get rather a lot of my recommended daily nonphysical allowance by spending 10-14 hours per day in the computer science building. I don't have a lot of interesting stuff ready to say about them yet, though, so, while I realize that didn't stop me with the physical hobbies, one's gotta draw a line somewhere.