15-744: Computer Networks Syllabus


There are no official texts for the course. As background, we suggest several texts:


Your final grade for the course will be based on the following weights:

The quizzes include a midterm and final, both of which will be in-class. The project in 15-744 is an open-ended research project, done in groups of two. The project requires a proposal, a project status report, and a final report (both written and presented).

There will be four homeworks that will help you prepare for the midterm and final. The Class Participation grade includes participation in the on-line discussion forum and the student presentation (see Assignment page).


Also available as an ical file that you can subscribe to.

Warning! The schedule is still being finalized. The readings for lectures marked with (2011) may still change.

Date Instructor Topics Notes Readings Presentations
1 Wed 08/29 Intro: History and context and packet switching.
Starts 3:50pm
Part 1: Internetworking
2 Wed 09/05 Internetworking: Architectural principles, names, addresses
Starts 3:50pm
Reading: Introduction of: Saltzer84 (first 4 pages) and Clark02 (section 1).
Optional reading: CT90.
Mon 09/10 No class
Wed 09/12 No class
Fri 09/14 No class
3 Mon 09/17 Optional - routing background material review
This review material is covered in the various textbooks listed above. MITLec4Notes
4 Wed 09/19 Interdomain Routing
Reading: Sections 1-2 of: Stability.
Optional reading: Vantage02,Neil03,Paul88.
5 Fri 09/21 Topology
Reading: Sections 1-2 of Rocketfuel
Optional: Powerlaws
HW1 out.
HOT Miguel: Powerlaws
6 Mon 09/24 Evolution of the Internet
Reading: Sections 1-2 of Flat Internet
Optional: IXP History.
IXP Deby: Flat Internet
Part 2: Resource Management
7 Wed 09/26 Optional - transport background material review
This review material is covered in the various textbooks listed above. VJ88
Fri 09/28 No class
Project proposals due.
Mon 10/01 No class
8 Wed 10/03 End-to-End Congestion Control
Reading: Sections 1-2 of: TFRC
Optional papers: BCCA01, CJ89, TCPModeling98.
HW1 due.
9 Fri 10/05 Fair Queueing
Reading: Sections 1-2: XCP
Optional papers: CSFQ.
HW2 out
WFQ Karin: XCP
10 Mon 10/08 Router Design
Reading: Sections 1-2: ActiveNetworks
Optional papers: Optics
McK97 Ryler : Active Networks
11 Wed 10/10 Router Algorithm
Reading: First 4 pages of BV01
Optional reading: EffiCuts, D+97.
EVF Zhuo : Packet Classification
Part 3: Applications, Naming, and Overlays
12 Fri 10/12 Overlay Networks
Reading: Pages 1-4 of DTN
HW2 due.
13 Mon 10/15 P2P
Reading: Sections 1-2 of CoralNSDI04
Optional reading DNSCaching, Semantic-Free Referencing: SFR.
Background on p2p: 15-441 notes on p2p.
BitTyrant Yair: CoralNSDI
Wed 10/17 Quiz 1
Fri 10/19 No class - mid-semester break
14 Mon 10/22 Distributed Hash Tables and friends
Readings: Up to 2nd paragraph on page 3 of DHT Survey,
Sections 1-2 of I3
Optional reading: DHT Geometry Comparison.
Chord Yuan: I3
Sam: DTN
15 Fri 10/26 Data-oriented networking
Readings: Sections 1-2 of DONA,
Sections 1-2 of RE
Optional: DOT.
CCN David K.: RE
16 Mon 10/29 Future Internet Architecture: Nebula, Mobility First
Readings: Mobility First; Sections 1-2 of MF Routing.
Optional reading: FIA overview, Sections 1-3 Nebula.
HW3 Out.
Serval Venkat: MF
17 Wed 10/31 Future Internet Architecture: XIA
Readings: Sections 1-3 of Scion.
Optional reading: Accountable Internet Protocol.
18 Fri 11/02 QoS and video
Readings: Sections 1-2 of Olympics.
Optional reading: CoolStreaming, Feasibility.
Video Yixin: Olympics
Part 4: Wireless
19 Mon 11/05 Wireless Networks overview and architectures
Reading: Sections 1-2 of Roofnet
Optional reading: BPSK97, MACAW.
HW3 due
CSMA David W.: Roofnet
20 Wed 11/07 Making the Best of Broadcast
Reading: Sections 1-3 of XorsInTheAir
, Section 1-2 of MORE.
ExOR slides: ppt, pdf.
ExOR Bruno: MORE,
Shayak: Xors
21 Fri 11/09 Cognitive wireless networks
Reading: Sections 1-3 of Conflict graph, Sections 1-2 of DIRC
Optional reading: Chaotic, Centaur.
White Spaces SIGCOMM talk Slides: pptx.
WhiteSpaces Richard: DIRC
Part 5: The Edge
22 Mon 11/12 Data center networks
Readings: Sections 1-2 and 4 of Incast,
Sections 1-2 of VL2.
Optional: DCTCP.
HW4 out
Portland Naveen: VL2
Wed 11/14 No class
23 Fri 11/16 Sensor Networks
Readings: Sections 1-3.2 of Directed Diffusion
Optional: Trickle, Synopsis Diffusion.
TAG Sarah: diffusion
24 Mon 11/19 Energy and wireless
Reading: Sections 1-3.B of Energy effiecient sensor nets.
Optional readings: Catnap.
HW4 Due.
Bartendr Dana: Energy efficient sensors
Wed 11/21 Thanksgiving break
Fri 11/23 Thanksgiving break
Mon 11/26 Post-thanksgiving break
Wed 11/28 Post-thanksgiving break
Fri 11/30 Post-thanksgiving break
Mon 12/03 Second In-Class Exam
Wed 12/05 Project presentations
in class
Fri 12/07 Project writeups due at noon

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