15-744 Assignments

The course has four homeworks.

Topic Assigned Due Other Info Solutions
The Basics 9/21 10/3 Solutions
Routing, Congestion Control, and Queuing 10/5 10/12 Solutions
P2P, DNS, CCN, DHTs 10/29 11/5 Solutions
QoS, Internet Architectures, Wireless, and Data Centers 11/12 11/19 Solutions

All homework must be completed individually.

Each student must read the assigned readings before the lecture and comment on the readings on the discussion web site for the course. Assigned readings can be found in the "Readings" column (one full paper per lecture) and "Notes" column (selected sections in other papers). The discussion site is: http://sourcery.cmcl.cs.cmu.edu:4000/. Please contact the instructor or TA for the subscription code.

Your comments should be on the order of 2-3 paragraphs and should not just comment on the individual papers, but also compare the compare the problems or approaches presented in the papers: What struck you as interesting? What about the system or the paper could be improved? What are the relative strengths and weaknesses of the papers? etc. There will only be a link for the main reading for each lecture and you should enter all your comments for the readings that day using that link.

After the deadline, all comments become available for the class to read.

Additionally, each student has to give a 15 minute presentation in one of the lectures. The presentation will typically be summarizing one of the optional readings and putting it in a broader context, i.e.. compare the paper with related work. The student(s) presentation for each lecture are listed in the "Notes" columns in the syllabus. Students should send a draft of their presentation to the instructor by 5pm the day before the lecture for feedback.

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