Starter VM

Some of you have had trouble with the VMDK we provided, so we've added some extra options. Try one of the following:
  1. Original Image (64-bit Fedora, 2.14 GB)
    NOTE: To use the graphing script, you need to install the python-matplotlib package (sudo yum install python-matplotlib).
  2. Minimal Image (64-bit Fedora, No GUI, 950 MB)
    NOTE: We accidentally shipped this with two temporary files that should have been removed. If you used this VM, remove the files "" and "apache_setup.pyc" in "bitrate-project-starter/netsim." Ther're owned by root, so you'll need to use sudo. This has been corrected as of 11/13.
    NOTE: To use the graphing script, you need to install the python-matplotlib package (sudo yum install python-matplotlib).
  3. Build your own.
    Start with a Fedora ISO (we suggest the Network Install CD). Then download our setup script and run it (with sudo). It will download and install all the packages you need plus the project 3 starter code.
    NOTE: Our setup and network simulator scripts modify Apache web server configuration files. If you install this on your own Linux system and you use Apache, we strongly suggesting making a backup first.

Handout Updates

Date Change
11/9/13 Fixed video chunk file names in section 2.2.2.
11/11/13 Added instructions about fetching an alternate version of the manifest to section 2.2.2.
11/13/13 Added more specific handin instructions to section 5.1.
11/19/13 Changed the proxy's log format (section 2.2.3). ("client-ip" should have been "server-ip".)
11/20/13 Added Autolab handin instructions (section 5.2).
11/27/13 Adjusted point in grading rubric (section 6).

Starter Code Updates

Do a "git pull" in the bitrate-project-starter directory to get the latest version.
Date Change
11/10/13 Updated the file with the scenario you should use to generate the plots for your writeup.
11/19/13 Added mydns.h, containing the function prototypes for your DNS resolver client library. Do a "git pull" in the "bitrate-project-starter" repo. You may copy the header file wherever you like.
11/19/13 Fixed bug in
11/20/13 has been updated to install the python-matplotlib package.

Grading Updates

Date Change
11/21/13 Fixed a bug allowing submissions to earn 2 points for test_proxy_multiple_clients if the proxy fails to launch at all.
11/21/13 Improved Autolab's output:
  • After each test we print your log file
  • After each test we print STATS about your estimated tput, your chosen bitrate, and the link bw
  • We turned off stdout buffering, so netsim output and grader output aren't out of order anymore.
11/21/13 Fixed a bug in our bitrate testing code.
11/21/13 Grading script now requests manifest before requesting any chunks.
11/21/13 Grading script now ignores the first three throughput estimates, to account for initial bursts.
11/21/13 Grading script now instructs your proxy to bind to a random port.
11/22/13 Grading script can now handle multiple spaces or tabs between fields in your log file.
11/26/13 Grading script deletes log file between tests.
11/27/13 Autolab now accepting submissions for checkpoint 2.
12/4/13 Grader fetches larger files, so throughput estimates should be more stable.
12/4/13 MTU on loopback on Autolab test VM lowered to 1500 bytes; should fix high throughput estimate problem.

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