Q & A

Q: I have a Visor from Handspring, Palm V, or some other handheld. Do you think it will work with PPRK?
A: The Palm Pilot Robot uses SV203 board to control its servos and sensors. SV203 talks to the Pilot via standard serial communication. We tested only Palm III, but any handheld computer (such as Palm, Visor, etc.) that supports serial communication should be usable for PPRK. Although, the pinout might be different and the code might be modified a little depending on the hardware.

Q: Do you have any videos of Palm Pilot Robot?
A: Yes, here are two short videos of an earlier prototype: PalmVideo1.mov [1000Kb, QuickTime] and PalmVideo2.mov [917Kb, QuickTime].

Q: What is the "Mekatronix" method?
A: It is a way by which MrRobot modifies servo motors to continuous rotation.

Last updated: October 25, 2000 18:40