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Hi, I am a PhD graduate from the Machine Learning Department in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon. My research interests lie at the intersection of distributed systems, agent-oriented AI, statistical learning and game theory. The research page provides details.

Previously, I worked in financial technology in New York. I got my BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Berkeley. I went to Wharton for my MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship.

I have served as an invited member of the Machine Learning Speaking Committee. I've been a member of the SCS Entrepreneurship Club and Tepper's EVC Club. I'm also affiliated with AAAI, ACM and WCNY.


Updated:  09/2013

Pittsburgh is a remarkably vibrant place and a landmark of industry. When the city's defining steel empire crumbled in the 1970's, the city was in disarray. But since then, Pittsburgh has reinvented itself into an education, healthcare and robotics hub.

There are many organizations focused on startups and entrepreneurs in the area. CMU has the CIE and OFEF. Innovation Works is an active investor in technology companies in Western PA; their AlphaLab incubator was one of the earliest of its kind providing support to a number of startups from CMU and Pitt.

The amount of startup-related activity in Pittsburgh is accelerating. There are new initiatives like RustBuilt and Gear being announced regularly. Exciting!

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